Message from the President

L’Orchestre International de Genève is a concept which I have nurtured within me for a long time, a dream which arose from an unexpected context, but is perfectly aligned with the spirit of this city, so dear to me. 

Geneva is cosmopolitan, open to the world. It shines in the arts and culture. It is home to many major international organisations, and has always fought for the respect of human rights, and for peace. L’Orchestre International de Genève will proudly represent this valued heritage.

The ensemble consists of outstanding young musicians from Switzerland and abroad. Some of them have studied at the High School of Music of Geneva. They are all brilliant talents, and they play in some of Europe’s most prestigious orchestras, including the Vienna Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic, the National Orchestra of France and the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam.

Our musicians share the desire to meet in Geneva in order to create great moments of musical pleasure. They enjoy returning to this city, which for many is such a deep part of them, to honour it and represent it abroad with pride. They have spread word of the orchestra so widely that we have received proposals from other musicians and orchestras, from as far away as the United States and Canada.

L’Orchestre International de Genève is committed to extend Geneva’s cultural prestige, by establishing a significant presence in other countries and promoting cultural exchanges through the power of its music making.

The inaugural concert of L’Orchestre International de Genève was held in Mascate (Oman) on November 10, 2010. The orchestra played, and then, for the first time ever, the musicians of the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra shared a part of a concert with a western orchestra. The event was a triumphant success—culturally exciting and deeply human and moving. Our musicians integrated spectacularly with their Omani counterparts. After just five minutes of rehearsal, all barriers had vanished and the ensemble became a single whole. The concert confirmed once again how great a force music can be, as an ambassador for peace.

Enriched and energised by this experience, L’Orchestre International de Genève resolved to perpetuate the ensemble, and share the ideals of its musicians with Geneva and the international community. It found realisation in the exceptional concert it will give on September 23 in Geneva’s Victoria Hall, under the Patronage of the Consulate of Japan and in support of that great country and its people, now recovering from the devastation of its terrible disaster.

The esteemed conductor Emmanuel Krivine, and solo cellist Gauthier Capuçon, were immediately captivated by this project and responded affirmatively to the orchestra’s invitation. They are thanked most warmly.

Further value arises the orchestra’s association with the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation (SGAF), whose mission is to support emerging artists of exceptional talent from around the world. Earlier this year, SGAF expressed the desire to make L’Orchestre International de Genève its official orchestra. This international foundation, whose aims and objectives are closely aligned with those of L’Orchestre International de Genève, will open doors for the orchestra in London, New York, Washington and even Australia.